Let us start with the usual question: when and where were you born?
I was born on 27th September 1965 in the town of Dupnitza.

Which educational institutions have you attended?
I have graduated from the University of National and World Economy with an Economics and Trade Management major. Although I do not have other university degrees, I can say that I have never stopped learning since then.
Business and personal improvement can be compared to the layers of an onion: they come one after another no matter how many you have peeled off. And quite a few more unpeeled onions are there to be found if we look for them…

Could you please share with us any curious facts about how Nord Holding came to be?

I started my career in the field of ecology as a recipient agent at a site for the purchase of non-ferrous metals (scrap). I gradually grew from a cashier to a trader, and then a partner.
Later on, I bought the shares of my partners’ former company and established Nord Ltd., which subsequently merged with several other companies to form the parent company of Nord Holding JSC.

You have gained significant managerial experience over the years, occupying different executive positions in various companies and organizations. Could you specify the chronology and nature of your professional background?
I have been Director and Partner in the Stroyconsult construction company from 2008 till now.

I have occupied the position of Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Recycling twice: from 2007 to 2010 and from 2011 till present.

Since 2008 I have been Trade and Financial Counsel at the Lucky Bansko 5-star aparthotel in the town of Bansko.

Currently I am Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nord Holding JSC.

I am Founder and Partner in the and online stores specializing in the sale of goods for children aged 0 – 14.
Both stores are united by the motto Everything for Children.

What was your occupation before you became Director of Stroyconsult?

I started doing business in 1992 with Politrade Ltd which was a trading company that purchased and recycled waste. Later on, I founded one of the largest companies operating in the same field – Nord Holding JSC.
From 1995 to 2003 I was General Manager of Nord Holding – one of the leaders in the trade and recycling of waste and scrap in Bulgaria.

Along with your multifaceted professional commitments, you also manage to dedicate time to your favorite spare time activities, which you seem to be turning into more than just hobbies. What achievements and awards do you have?

In my personal capacity, I am a proud holder of several awards from sports car racing on a track, and I also have a number of prize-place finishes at various golf tournaments.
In terms of business, I can highlight the Capital newspaper award for the Fastest Growing Company in 2014, won by one of my companies, Nord Ferroindustry.
Overall, Lucky Bansko aparthotel, where I serve as counsel, comes with the largest number of awards. Almost every year the aparthotel ranks number one in various ratings.