Nord holding

Nord Holding AD

  • The company was founded in 1995, and its main activities are the collection and processing of metals.
  • Through the years of its existence, the company became a market leader and achieved multiple expansion of its sales network.
  • To date, Nord Holding is a significant factor in both the domestic and export markets of the country.
  • The company has a Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management.

Aparthotel Lucky Bansko

  • The 5-star hotel is located at the beginning of the resort town of Bansko and only 450 meters from its center.
  • Has a diverse and modernly equipped SPA center, offering many free zones and professional therapies.
  • With indoor and outdoor pools for adults and children, as well as three separate restaurants.
  • Suitable for both large families and organized corporate events.




  • The five-star LuckyFit Clinic for Effective Weight Loss, Anti-Stress and Detox was established in 2008.
  • The approach is based on 4 times low-calorie meals, daily hikes in the mountains, therapeutic gymnastics, horseback riding, yoga, dancing, zumba and other activities.
  • The team of the program consists of professionals with many years of experience in the field of healthy eating, useful physical activity and weight reduction.
  • Upon prior request, the menu is made in a vegetarian or vegan version.


  • Bulgarian Association of Recycling (BAR) was established in 1998 under the name “Bulgarian Association of Metal Traders” (BATM).
  • In 2004, the Association was renamed the Bulgarian Recycling Association (BAR).
  • Since 2002, the Association has had its permanent representative in the International Environment Council in Brussels.

“Ayurveda Clinic” BANSKO

  • “Ayurveda Clinic” is the first Indian center in Bulgaria, combining natural Ayurvedic treatment with complete detoxification of the body by the methods of Purvakarma and Panchakarma.
  • The program in the clinic includes daily medical examinations, several therapies a day, organic food and constant intake of Ayurvedic decoctions of spices.
  • The clinic is run by Indian Ayurvedic doctors with many years of experience, and the therapies are performed by Indian therapists.
  • The available courses have a duration of choice – 8, 11, 15, 22 or 29 days.
bebso  kidso


  • New generation chain of stores, offering everything for the child from 0 to 14 years in one place.
  • Focus on uncompromising quality and safety, offered only by leading global brands.
  • Built-in online platform “Mamapedia” with advice and recommendations from qualified specialists in classical and alternative medicine.
  • Modern, intuitive and safe online experience with easy ordering and fast delivery to anywhere in the country.


  • “LuckyKids“is an international children’s camp held at the 5-star Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax Aparthotel.
  • Classes are conducted entirely in English, on the principle of interactive project training.
  • The activities are suitable for all children between the ages of 5 and 14.99, regardless of the level of language proficiency.
  • All activities in the program are safe and in accordance with the age of the children, and the daily routine is combined with healthy eating and physical activity.


  • The elegant Italian restaurant “Leonardo” has won the name of one of the most iconic restaurants in Bansko.
  • It captivates with its traditional Italian cuisine combined with perfect service.
  • It is a part of the open aqua complex of Aparthotel “Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax” and is only about 10 meters from the main entrance of the hotel.
  • It is equipped with a special show cooking area, where visitors can watch how their food is prepared.


  • “Fondue” is a luxury Alpine restaurant offering a selection of Swiss and French mountain cuisine.
  • It is located in Aparthotel “Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax” and is equipped in the style of traditional alpine restaurants.
  • All dishes are prepared directly on the table of the visitors, with the help of a high-tech ventilation system.
  • “Fondue” offers an extended wine list with selected wines from all over the world.

Ayurveda Clinic Sofia

  • Boutique Ayurvedic Clinic, run entirely by experienced and highly qualified Indian specialists in the methods of Ayurveda.
  • The clinic offers diagnostics, treatment, therapies and natural remedies from the Ayurvedic tradition.
  • All procedures and basic Panchakarma and Purvakarma therapies are offered.
  • Therapies are divided into different packages – “Immunity”, “Rejuvenation”, “Children’s” and others.